Sand Castles and Camels in Jaisalmer, India

Sand Castles and Camels in Jaisalmer, India


Jaisalmer, India is in the northwest of the country, close to the border with Pakistan. This city was once a major stop on the Silk Road, where caravans of goods-laden camels stopped to trade and rest before moving on through the Thar Desert. The city is built around a fort that rises out of the desert like a life-size sand castle. On our first day there, we walked up to this magnificent structure.

Jaisalmer India 02

The narrow streets within the fort are filled with hustle and bustle – merchants, tourists, residents, cows. You get the feeling that it’s not much different than it was in the days of Silk Road traders.

Jaisalmer India 03

We visited a magnificent maze of seven interconnected temples.

Jaisalmer India 05

The carvings depicted many different scenes, including this battle with a large cat (a lion, perhaps?)

Jaisalmer India 01

We visited the palace within the fort as well, where we saw this model of the whole thing.

Jaisalmer India 07 Outside the fort, we visited one of the famous Havelis. A Haveli is a large mansion where a wealthy merchant once lived and did business. This Haveli had many early 20th century items that were found inside, including ledgers and other business items.

haveli jaisalmer 01

There were many lush living rooms as well, where you can imagine wealthy traders entertaining and relaxing.

haveli jaisalmer 04

Our trip to Jaisalmer would not be complete without an overnight camel safari in the Thar Desert. Here are our camels, Ricky and Babloo, chilling out after our afternoon trek.

camel safari 02

We relaxed in the dunes as the sun went down.

camel safari 01

camel safari 03

We enjoyed an Indian meal cooked over the fire and slept under the stars. Here is Will, contemplating the morning before we trekked back.

camel safari 05

Visiting Jaisalmer was a beautiful trip to another place and time.  It was fascinating to see this piece of history – a place where cultures met and mixed and did business. It reminded us once again of the variety of places in India – so different from the larger cities and Moghul strongholds we visited in other parts.



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2 thoughts on “Sand Castles and Camels in Jaisalmer, India

  1. We have been talking about a trip to India in November. This seems like an excellent place to visit.
    However I did ride a camel a few years ago for about 10 minutes and was ready to get off.

  2. I am delighted to hear that you both made it to Jaisalmer. Your dad and I thoroughly enjoyed the out of the way place and, like you, felt we had stepped back in time. You may already know this, but most of those elaborately carved stone balconies were each carved from a single block of stone. Like Charles, one ride on the camel was enough for me, and I could not imagine riding one all the way across the Thar Desert
    (Actually I think the camel drivers walked beside the camels and used the camels for carrying goods…..either that or they didn’t like riding them either :-). Where to next?

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