Chobe National Park Day Trip, Botswana

Chobe National Park Day Trip, Botswana


There are many national parks in Africa, and one of the most celebrated is Chobe National Park in Botswana. It’s located at the intersection of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia.  You can visit Chobe from any of these countries, and can spend up to 3 nights camping in the park.  We spent one day there – which included a river tour and game drive.  Given our short time there, we were impressed with the number of animals we saw.

Our morning started with a river tour – where these birds greet us.

safari chobe 01

Our guide had to carefully point out this camouflaged baby croc. Baby crocs have to hide because adult crocs will eat them.

safari chobe 02

Like this guy… who played dead as our boat pulled up right next to his face.  Our guide assured us that crocs can’t jump (into a boat, for example.)  We were assured he was alive by his slowly blinking eyes.

crocodile chobe botswana travel

While this buffalo chowed down on grass, his bird friend chowed down on the bugs swarming the buffalo’s face.  Will was jealous – he definitely wanted one of those birds for himself.

safari chobe 05

This kudu was enjoying a drink at the river.  The kudu’s horns grow another twist every few years.

kudu chobe botswana travel

We spotted a young male elephant on his own, probably just cast out of the herd as happens to male elephants in early adulthood. Here he is contemplating whether to cross the river.

elephant chobe botswana travel

The most impressive bird we saw was the fish eagle.  Check out that wingspan!

safari chobe 09

There were many hippos in the water, where they spend most of their time. Hippos in the water, however, don’t make good photo subjects. Here, we caught one crossing a river island with his bug birds on his back.

hippo chobe botswana travel

After lunch we got into the safari truck and started our drive.  There were many, many elephants near the river- some crossing, some cooling off, some heading back to the bush.

elephant chobe botswana travel

A huge group of mongooses swarmed a tree as we passed.

safari chobe 13

We caught a group of elephants running down to the river… this baby tripped a little as it tried to keep up.

elephant chobe botswana travel

We were hoping to see a lion, even though it was the hot afternoon – the worst time for lion sightings. Our guide took us to the site of a dead elephant, which the lions had fed on earlier.  At first, we didn’t see anything- the elephant carcass was too far into the bush. “I’m going to take a risk,” our guide said and drove the truck into the tall, dry grass.  Sure enough, as we approached the elephant, a lioness came into view. She had a new wound on her shoulder and gave us a glance as we came near. Our guide quickly navigated the truck back to the trail.

lion chobe botswana travel

On the way back, we ran into several giraffe and endless impala beating the heat in the bushes.

safari chobe 16

Chobe is a breathtaking park both in wildlife and landscape. We could have spent more time here if we hadn’t planned to go to South Luangwa in Zambia for a 3-nighter. More on that soon!



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