About Us

About Us


Welcome to Letters from Elsewhere.  We are Will and Elizabeth. We’re recently married and on a year long journey around the world.  We set out at the beginning of July 2015.  You can find out where we are headed here.

We are focused on two things:

1. How exploring the world transforms who we are to ourselves and to each other.  Check out our travel posts here.

2. Learning about education around the globe by visiting schools and talking to individuals about their experiences. Check out our education posts here.


Elizabeth Bartlett Minton has been in education for the past ten years as a teacher, advocate, and coach.  This year of adventure marks her first real attempt to slow down and smell the roses (even if it involves constantly moving across the world.). She loves long, intense hours of travel research, followed by sudden, unexpected discoveries (especially new foods.) Elizabeth hopes this trip will push her out of her comfort zone and broaden her worldview (even if she complains at first.)



Will Minton has committed the past ten years of his life to education. Through working with teens in classrooms and in after school leadership programs, he has learned a great deal about the power of our nation’s young people. But in policy work and as an instructional coach he has seen how our society struggles to prepare effective teachers and fails to unlock the potential of our brightest students. He has learned a great deal in the United States but, as the discussion around education becomes increasingly politicized and reductive, he has decided to dedicate this year to finding inspiration elsewhere. When he returns, Will hopes to put his reflections to use back in Louisiana.

When Will is not meditating on the future of education you can find him reading, playing old folk songs on guitar, and striving for the rank of 1dan in the ancient board game go.

He is also the author of the novel Pictures of the Sky.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Really enjoyed your piece on Yale-NUS. In my last job, I came to see Singapore as a potential model for the economic transformation of Louisiana. Studying Singapore’s economic transformation over the last 3-4 decades made me realize that we needed to approach economic development in Louisiana with a much greater focus on change at large scale.

    1. Mr. Moret, thank you for your comment. We were also inspired by Singapore and how they gave education a central role to play in their economic development plan. The level of coordination between government, the teacher’s college, and individual schools is quite remarkable. People are often dismissive of how useful Singapore is as a model for the US, because of its size, but at the state level, their methods can be quite useful.

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